Welcome to Spirit Science and Metaphysics!  This website intends to bring you the best combination of conscious science and peace-inspiring messages. Here, you will discover the bridge between science and intuition, and will be provided with the wisdom and knowledge you need to optimize your development as a soul.  My name is Steve Bancarz, and I am the article writer for this website, as well as the founder of the Facebook page “Spirit Science and Metaphysics” which you can check out here.

Spirit Science and Metaphysics started out as a strictly information based enterprise, acting as an outlet for parapsychology and alternative science that normally gets suppressed or discarded.  Upon realizing in my own journey that information without transformation is meaningless, I decided to shift my focus to conscious living, spiritual wellness, and self-help.  The balance between science (conceptual knowing) and spirituality (personal knowing) is something I hope these articles can provide you.

The truth is, we are mind, body and spirit.  If we want to live the most fulfilling and happy life we can, we can’t neglect one ingredient of this trifecta.  The articles that will be shared on this website will be designed to refine and expand the mind, heal the body, and purify the spirit.

I hope you enjoy both sides of the coin here, and thank you for trying your best to become the most conscious, loving, and evolved person you can.

Love and Light,



The artwork you see here and on the website was created by Andrew (Android) Jones.

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  1. Found a grammar error on this page: The Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path. Third paragraph, use to should be used to.
    Sorry, just hard to take a site seriously with grammar and usage errors.

    • I believe the image you are using as your banner and in this story was created for, and is the property of, David Wilcock. Do you have his permission to use it? Not reading any further after seeing this.

      • This is not David Wilcock’s artwork. As explicitly stated underneath the artwork, this piece belongs to Android Jones, and I do have his permissions to use it for my likings:)

        • “I don’t think you have permission to use that picture so i’m not going to read all the useful information on this website…” what an utterly pointless stupid message, who cares about the picture surely you should be more interested about the articals? if you cant see past that how do you get anywhere in life? it’s pretty pretentious.

        • On this note I also noted that you are in violation of copyright laws by reposted entire articles from other websites. I’d be careful because it is only a matter of time until you are sued, unless you have some sort of agreement with your sources.

      • U sound incredibly stupid by your comment that you SHOULD probably keep reading.

    • And inappropriate use of capitals?

    • Focus more on the messages and less on the messenger. Grammar is important but wouldn’t you say the articles are more valuable than just their smallest components?

    • The truth is in the words my dear. Happened or not, spelt correctly or not, the truth is in the words. I see your knack for finding error a gift that shalt not be wasted on correcting grammar and such. Attention to detail is a quest for truth that is best spent on such. Bring us truth, not folly. Wisdom in lieu of correction, or, correction via wisdom. Peace

    • You’re kind of a bitch, you know that, right?

    • Courtney,
      If you enjoy finding typos, but do not want the baggage that comes along with it, try EditMob.

    • Hi Courtney,
      Interestingly, I’ve found that some of the worlds most intelligent people, at times, use poor grammar and punctuation. Einstein’s hand written articles are full of poorly structured sentences, inaccurate punctuation and, at times, bad grammar. Most of the world still takes his articles and science very serious. I wish to thank Steve for the fantastic articles and all of the research and work that goes into writing them.

  2. Don’t you feel bad about intentionally misleading people looking for answers? Don’t you feel bad lying to people about what science is? Just wondering.

    • One could wonder how you know so much your self. We are all made of stars. Let people find out them selves – it is their journey after all. Find your belief. <3

    • Im with you on this one CS. its kind of perverting the word science. For one science would never assert that a spirit exists without first providing empirical and repeatable evidence.

  3. Good work, Steve. Thanks for providing so many interesting and timely information. I’m looking forward to each article. So nice to see so many with open minds!

  4. After I saw the organic sweet potato video I decided to look around your site to see if you had anything about homeopathy, but you didn’t. Homeopathy heals mentally/emotionally/physically and spiritually as well. After all, homeopathic remedies are energetic.

  5. I couldn’t get your annoying video ads to stay off. Who thought it would be a good idea to run a video ad on a page with a video in your story?

    Anyways there poor choices just cost you a viewer for your site. Show some respect to the people going to your site and don’t allow ads which blast audio.

    • just get ad block plus, it’s free to download and it even blocks commercials on youtube videos. It will make your life easier and you can go on any website you want harassment free.

  6. Hi Steve.

    Thank you for sharing much great information. I am truly grateful. It is such a blessing that people rise above the allure of so called ‘rationalism’ and learn to see with their whole being and not just the physical eyes.

    Keep it up!


  7. I think this is a lovely idea. How unfortunate that others feel they have only cynical negativity to share; what must they be like in person? Thank you and good luck in this endeavor.

  8. Your officially the most retarted person I have ever seen publish a website full of bullshit.Thanks for the great laughs I enjoyed after reading your stupid so called evidence…I hope you od

    • why be so nasty?

    • *retarded

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in a good majority of what is presented here, but if you’re going to be on the rational side, don’t be nasty about it. And if you’re going to be nasty, spell your insults correctly.

  9. Ignore the idiots that pick on the detail, it’s only the devil at work!!! Keep up the hard work, I applaud you :)

  10. I find it a little misleading too. I like some of your stories, but trying to tie this in with science is not factual. Science and religion…oil and water at this point. Richard Dawkins said it best when he stated: “Religion was replaced by science” “Alchemy was replaced by Chemistry”. These are just facts. Evolution trumps the dated christian term “intelligent design”. I like your writing, just a little misleading on the message. I’m sure religious people will read it. They tend to not pay attention to science, carbon dating, etc.

    • Religion was replaced by science? More like God was replaced by Richard Dawkins, at least in his own mind and the oh… what, 12-18% of the population that “believe” in Atheism. Evolution has never been proven. I am not religious but Atheism has become it’s own religion. “science” will stay in the dark until it begins to address the big problem – Consciousness. You know, that thing that allows for the scientists to do their little experiments.

      • God is a construct of man and therefore the idea of him is being replaced by evidences. One does not “believe” in Atheism, as you put it. It cannot possibly become “it’s own religion”; those who share views have found the courage to utilize their freedom to form a community, which does not equal religion. Proof of evolution is multitudinous when you look at actual science and not pseudoscience, as found here.

        a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.
        1565–75; < Greek áthe ( os ) godless + -ist

  11. dude.. “spirit science” is code for pseudo-science! :)) it’s not good man.. all you have here is.. bogus.

    Remember: you can fool some people some time, but you CAN’T fool all the people ALL THE TIME..

    Good day!
    BIG G.

  12. A Fast Lane to Change
    A guide on Leadership, Religion, and the World
    by James Mills
    Reader’s disclaimer:
    There are a few topics you should never discuss at the dinner table, for they are likely to end in debates that ruin families. Among them are Politics and Religion. Two things that this book addresses thoroughly, so that means that this must be a very controversial book and that you should be ready to disagree with me at some points. I actually welcome that though. You’re free to disagree with me, this is what I believe and this is what I think needs done with the world. It’s all a matter of opinion and perspective though, so I won’t force what I believe down your throat just as I hope you won’t do that to me. But in the event that you do try to force me to think the same way you do, let me first tell you:
    1 I don’t care if you don’t like what I believe, you should enjoy the difference in perspective anyway.
    2 Don’t critique me and tell me I’m wrong, perspective is something we can argue for days and neither of us come out more right or more wrong than the other person.
    3 You can disagree all you want, but this is what I feel needs done and what I know in my soul to be truth. So think whatever you want, as will I.
    Enjoy the book either way, I simply wanted to address the fact that you should be prepared for some very controversial opinions on everything.

    To save a dying society, a world that is falling apart at the seams: politically, socially, and economically, we must first address everything that is going wrong with it. All of our issues stems from a lack of leadership in the world, for too often do we mischaracterize and misinterpret what leadership is and what it consists of. We promote the managers, those who keep order and peace in the workplace, though they lack the inspiration and guidance to deem themselves a leader. With better leaders, can we create a better world.
    To establish better leaders however, we must first analyze different systems of thought: analyzing exactly what it means to be human- how our world interacts with itself, what the universe is comprised of, and how we can shape it into something we can use to challenge our already preconceived notions of how the world works. Challenging systems of thought that were once established as fact, but have leeway for a million different interpretations.
    Only through that, through challenging what we already know and challenging what it means to live the human experience, can we ultimately find our flaws as a species- how we’ve been slowly killing ourselves off by living the life of a virus. Our constant cycle of conquering and deeming ourselves superior to something, consuming it and abusing it to the point of near death, and then moving on to something else. By finding where we lack, can we then find ways to compensate and eventually rid our world of all problems.
    Which is why this book is made up of three different parts: Leadership, Religion and Systems of thought, and The World.

    Part 1 Leadership

    What is character?
    “Judge a man not by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he falls”-General Patton.
    For the true measure of the man does not lie within how much wealth he has-what house he has, how much he makes yearly, what kind of lavish lifestyle he can live. It’s ultimately how he interacts with others that deems his worth. Especially when he has everything, or even when he has nothing- how he treats others: when he has everything does he become power-crazed, lustful for money; when he has nothing does he steal, does he cheat, does he give up? For it’s mostly our actions that define who we are.
    Ultimately, however, it’s with whom we chooses to be that deems our self worth. Do we choose to be someone who constantly takes the high road-someone who puts others before themselves constantly, who does things that needs to be done-even if it’s unpopular, and who chooses to set the standard of what it means to be human? Or should we choose the road that is more frequented? The one where the universe revolves around us, it’s our own wants and desires that guides what our life shall mean, and even our own ethics and standards don’t correlate with our own lifestyle. Overall, it’s how we act when nobody is watching, which road we decide to take, and how we wish to act that defines who we are destined to be.
    With more of our world taking the lower road, the standard for man has fallen- love, trust, charity, humility, and more importantly character becoming misplaced in society. For this high road is only comprised of character, of being of a state of nobility in mind, body, and soul. A nobility brought on by a constant need to better themselves, to put others first at all costs, and to strive for a higher standard of living for themselves and all others around them.
    Character, of being of a noble standard of human, which is comprised of traits within itself- traits like: love, charity, wisdom, loyalty, strength, faith, gentleness, a strive for excellence, generosity, humility, selflessness, respect, perseverance, tolerance, and most importantly, integrity. This inevitably causes men to be worth something, for this is the strongest attribute any one person can have. With character, humanity can become perfect: for perfection, as in success and in character, lies not within never falling, but in getting up when you do. And that, in essence, is what makes up character and leadership.

    Character equals leadership
    All the great leaders in the world have had the same thing in common: a set of traits that has deemed them leaders. Traits that have ultimately defined what it means to be a leader. And traits that have taught men that they are truly servants to the will of the people, because only through being a servant and the subordinate to everyone else-only through being selfless and seeing things further than your own wants and needs, can you become a leader.
    To be a servant to the people, to guide them to be more than what they are, to lead others; one must first lead themselves, be noble within themselves. That, in essence, is what character is: the leading of oneself to become the best they can be-leading a life worth following. It’s an attribute that deems the man, the leader, and the hero; a trait comprised of courage, of excellence, of nobility, of integrity, and of love; a trait so powerful that the greatest leaders ever used it to mold history instead of history molding the man.

    Self Actualization
    Self Actualization- a concept known by many, yet felt by few. It stems from the actualizing of oneself- hence the term, self actualization. It’s basically identifying yourself, learning yourself, and ultimately it’s the firsts steps in transcending reality and becoming more than what you are.
    Self actualization is the reaching of self tranquility: being content with who you are and who you are to become. We reach a state of achieving our full potential when we self actualize, a tranquil state: where beauty and knowledge cause a natural euphoria- where love, peace, humility, acceptance, and an overall higher quality of being resides.
    Except there lies where this self tranquility, this self actualization, originates: in a love for beauty, of knowledge, of peace, of humility, of integrity, of character. Because self actualization stems from character, and transcending reality stems from leadership.
    With character, comes self satisfaction, a contentment with one’s own life. Something only achievable by first experiencing life in all it’s realms- the ups, the downs; the beauty, the atrocities; the adrenaline, the stagnancy; the love, the hate; the overall juxtaposition that we call mankind. Is that not what we are? A perfect imperfection, humanity described with all of it’s glory. We cannot have peace, without first knowing war; we cannot know divinity, without first experiencing morality; cannot love, without first feeling the wrath of hate. Yet, it’s through our ability to endure the lows, that we rejoice at the highs. It’s through this balance, this imperfection, this fragility; that we become perfect, that we become beautiful, that we become human. To realize your own mortality, morality, and realizing exactly what it means to be human; this is self satisfaction, and thereby it is self actualization.

    Making others Self Actualized
    Transcending your own reality is the only way in helping others transcend theirs. There lies the true essence of leadership: guiding others into being better than what they ever thought they would be, helping them realize their full potential. Because self actualization and transcending reality stems from character. Leadership therefore, is insuring that others become self actualized, bringing them from who they are into who they can become. Helping them to reach self actualization and insuring they are capable of reaching their own potential.
    Solely by living with these traits, the traits that are comprised within character; solely by building up such a high moral character, someone can become a leader. By demanding excellence in himself, he then starts to expect the same from others. So just by raising expectations in himself, he raises the expectations for everyone else. And that in essence is what a leader does, a leader guides people towards being better than what they are.
    That’s the sole purpose of the leader, to make more leaders. To set the example for what other people should strive for, to live and lead by example. That’s the best style of leadership, to not force others your will, but to instead become an example they should strive for.
    Instead of micromanaging, telling them how they must do things- teach them how to do things and what they must do, and let their own ingenuity surprise you. For leadership is more teaching, delegating, and raising others; rather than being authoritative and insuring your rule be done. Leadership should more be about participating, less about directing; more enabling, less enforcing.
    Most importantly the best leaders aren’t leaders at all, they are merely servants who are able to mold consensus and guide others to be better than what they are; real leaders are deemed so by others, and not by themselves-for too often do those who call themselves leaders become malevolent and power hungry which inevitably defeats the purpose of leadership. The only way to define yourself as a leader, is by being one and if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and be more-that is where you become a leader. “When the best leaders act, and their aim fulfilled, the people would be cheering ‘we did it ourselves” -Lao Tzu
    The only action that a leader should take, are those that empower his own people to the point that he isn’t needed anymore. For leadership should only be about making more leaders, better leaders, so that standards are always being raised.
    In short: leadership is about knowing the way, going the way, and then showing the way to others.

    Part 2 Religion

    God as the Father
    If god is the father, and fathers have unconditional love for their children and are merciful beings that do not enjoy punishment; then how can he send men to hell for them to spend an entire eternity there. Where is the mercy in that?
    Even the worst criminals have instances worthy of redemption, so why is it fair to send them to an eternity of damnation?
    And at the end of days, when the devil is defeated a the hands of Christ, and all demons and the inherently evil are defeated, who will rule the kingdom of hell?
    God may discipline his children, helping their souls to grow stronger so that they may still reclaim the purpose that consumes humanity but Hell is reserved for the inherently evil: for demons, Satan, and whose souls are irredeemable-those of whom volunteer for Satan’s armies, who have no desire to be saved, and those of whom wish to spend an eternity in damnation. Satan, an actual being (who is not only used as a metaphor, as the catholic church has said recently) who rose up against the father, who established war-using a third of the angels of heaven to revolt and try and establish his own reign. Satan, the nemesis, who tempts man away from being all they can be; who controls the hearts, minds, and bodies of men into being corrupt so that they deprive all people of their own creativity, individuality, which thereby inhibits achieving a societal self actualization. Satan, who is the inherent evil in the world, who steals the purity of souls to insure his bidding be done. And Satan, whose reign will end at the end of days.
    But for those who didn’t believe in him [the father], who believed in different religions, or even if they lived a life filled with sin- if they have the love of humanity in their hearts, they can still be redeemed. So instead of punishment for their sins, he disciplines them- trying to enable them to be better than what they are, insuring that they do not spend an eternity in hell, but still enabling them to reach their full potential. For those who have not reached their potential; and most people, by the end of their lives, begin to realize their full potential, becoming self actualized, so this is really a rare occurrence; for those who have deemed their souls irredeemable; he attempts to send them back to earth, reincarnating them into a new being, by which they could hopefully reach their full potential or change their ways to become redeemable.
    Hell is not a well populated place, for by nature it shouldn’t be. Especially considering god’s love is unconditional.
    God as the All knowing
    If god is all knowing, he knows what we are to do before we even do it-setting a plan for us, a destiny; where does free will come into play?
    God neither pushes us, nor inhibits us, from acting certain ways, though he can throw obstacles to enable us- we are free to do whatever we want at anytime we want, without the intervention of god’s will in our actions. He knows what we are going to do, though he may not like it, he still allows for it to happen-for that’s one of the sole reasons he created man: to be free, to live willfully. Creating something to share in his divinity. Though he knows our destiny, he does not choose it for you- he just knows what you are destined to do, trying to guide you along the way to be the best you can be so that you may reach divinity along the way.
    The ideology of “God’s Plan”, is centered around the fact that, at every instance possible, he is trying to enable growth within us so that we may be one step closer to becoming all-knowing, almighty, and part of the divinity for ourselves.

    Maslows hierarchy of Needs/Religion
    As to grow a better understanding of all things natural, supernatural, and of God himself; let’s compare him to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:
    Maslows Hierarchy of Needs establishes that mankind has two different wants-physiological needs and a need for a higher meaning.
    Just as we have a very fundamental need to satisfy our physiological desires, so too is the world made up of things explainable and physiological things. Things that can be described with natural terms, through scientific terms, through things that can be proven as fact,
    Just as we move up the spectrum for Maslow’s Hierarchy, having needs that must be met regarding things greater than ourselves such as: security, independence, value, etc.; so too is the world comprised of things supernatural and unexplainable in natural terms. Things that are above our understanding at the present time. Things that are beyond the realms of our scientific means right now. This can be made up of ghosts, possessions, aliens, miracles, anything that we just can’t explain right now.
    And just as we have a need to become self actualized, our only way of reaching our full potential; so too is their god, the one thing that all of mankind must strive for. And so too does something exist that is more than anything we can understand- a being created of pure knowledge, or pure power; a deity.
    The Holy Spirit
    The Father is the Alpha and Omega, the divine painter, and the almighty. The son is him embodied in the flesh, the one sent as the great redeemer, the one who reforms and saves humanity. What’s the holy spirit?
    It’s a question pondered by the scholars, high priests, and people for thousands of years. To answer simply:
    It’s the word of god; the message within the new testament-that of salvation, of redemption, of love and peace; and it is the love of humanity that resides in all of us that binds us together. It’s what rains through the heavens, what embodies the human experience, and what molds the godly virtues.
    That god sent his only begotten son to the world to spread the word of man, to embody mankind’s love-to embody the father’s own love for humanity, to enable mankind. He sent his son to lead humanity onto the path of righteousness so that we may too reclaim divinity- an ideology we once had before we fell into the hands of temptation.
    God, the son, and the message of love within humanity; this is what makes up the holy trinity, where the three ultimately intersect. The Alpha and Omega, the Lamb, and the Chosen People with the word and love that binds them to divinity.

    Blind men and the Elephant
    “In a town there once lived four blind men. A townsmen came to the blind men claiming there was an elephant in town. Never hearing of an elephant, the blind men decided to visit the animal. So they walk up and feel the elephant.
    ‘It’s like a tree’ said the one grabbing the leg.
    ‘No it’s more like a rope’ one said, as he grabbed the tail.
    ‘Actually it’s a hose’ laughed the one grabbing the trunk.
    ‘Obviously it’s a wall’ said the one who grabbed the stomach.
    Never being able to decide who was right, they dwelled on the differences-arguing at every chance they could, something that eventually defined their being, proving that the others were wrong. Dwelling on the differences, they ended up missing the bigger picture, missing out that technically they were all right and that the elephant was comprised of all those things.”
    So it is with god.
    So many religions harbor the same message, incorporating the same traditions and traits, all while celebrating the love withheld in humanity. Yet they all disagree all tiny things, like who the messenger is, or what something could mean, or what to call divine being(s).
    They all are right.
    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all have the same god, same message, they just disagree on the messenger.
    Buddhism and Hindu- they believe in reincarnation and second chances- does that not parallel purgatory? They all believe in love, in truth, and in treating others how they deserve to be treated. A message that is found within all foundations of religion.
    Agnosticism and Atheism, believing in a deity but not knowing what to call it, or not believing in it at all (either for the sake of rebellion or for a need of proof). Man was meant to believe in itself more so than they were meant to believe in a deity- so that they too may one day walk beside the all powerful. We are here to carve our own path to the divine. And their faith in science will help further our civilization so that we will become more than what we are.
    We are all technically right, for we need to combine our perspectives, like the blind men and the elephant, to truly understand the full picture. To truly get a glimpse of what god is like and what it means to be human.
    If there be a god, he does not condemn doubt, change, or a misunderstanding; he welcomes it. For he does not condemn mistakes, he loves them. For doubt and falling are only the first steps in faith and in walking. Two key things in developing in our own meanings of life. He won’t send men to hell for doubt, or in falling, for it’s only the first steps in growth.

    When did money and material lust become the only virtues in society? Where greed and ambition is valued more than modesty and humility- where honest hard work and respect become limitations on success.
    Money drives all systems of thought, the very foundations of society. Simple pieces of paper, that we deem as wealth, replaces that of love, peace, and actual virtue. We give worth to paper, we center our lives around the acquiring of it. For what? So we can buy whatever we want? Is that not pathetic at the very core? That we use the hours of our time to pay for what we want and need, that we literally work our life away in the hope of consuming product after product. The fact that our entire world is controlled and driven by a simple piece of paper that we deem as currency, something that would be otherwise, as meaningless as the paper this is written on.
    People work their lives away for it, spending days at a time trying to accumulate it. Spending their time wishing for more of it, more ways to consume as much as they can. Spending as much effort as they can to finding a way to get rich quick and to make money easily. People literally will kill for more of it, leaders govern towards the accumulation of it, and life is completely surrounded by it. Is there nothing wrong with this?
    We’ve lost all depth as a society. We’ve lost all meaning, becoming so shallow that instead of loving one another and tying to better the world, we would rather play into our own self-serving nature. Into our own monetary lust, our hunger for more material goods.
    Focusing so much of our time and effort on money and the accumulation of wealth, why can’t we focus more on living a full life-experiencing all it has to offer. Instead of working our life away-living to work, we need to work to live. Working to establish a better lives for ourselves and others, working to create a better world- a new world, where money isn’t the only value in society, where materials aren’t the only things that drive change within people’s minds, and where life is overall easier without the monetary chains that is financial constraints.
    Riches don’t only just come in materialistic wealth, let’s strive to be rich in the other things. In experience, in love, in happiness.
    Time is a concept created by man to keep track of itself. A crazy idea in itself, but even if we didn’t keep track of it and didn’t call it anything, events and points in our lives would still pass, and we would still age. What exactly is time then?
    Time moves like a river, flowing constantly, an ecosystem for itself. Instead of moving like still frames, or like a movie, that inevitably what it is, an ecosystem. Instead of animals and plants, it’s comprised of events, seconds, minutes, and hours; that all just flow freely and randomly. A concept made up of the passage, movement, and decaying of atoms, molecules, and cells, that we ultimately call the ecosystem of time.

    Stop dwelling on the differences
    Humanity needs to stop dwelling on the differences that separate us, and revere on all the instances we are alike. We are human, a species designed to love one another, a species whose majestic imperfections cause us to become perfect. We sin, so that we may grow; falling, so that we can stand. We were made in his image to be knowledge, to be love, and to be an example for all forms of life. Humanity is the “city on a hill”, teaching angels humility, and demons love. He created us in his image to teach us how to love others as he has loved us. Let’s show this love to all others, a love that will stop war, and establish a stronger world. For instead of dwelling on the differences that separate us, people will come together to seek a betterment for the world we live on and always seeking a higher cause (and even if they don’t see a higher power, they may always see a higher cause for humanity).

    Loving for the sake of loving
    “Love thy enemy, for what good does it do to love those who only love you?”-Jesus
    What good comes from only loving those who love you? For loving your enemy, loving those who hate you, can gain a new found respect for you. As you turn the other cheek, establishing yourself as the higher person morally, ethically, and intellectually, they will then learn that their hate is misplaced and they may eventually no longer be an enemy, but therefore become a friend.
    That’s why loving for the sake of loving is so important, the fact that hating just takes too much time and energy; that it’s easier to love and forgive than it is to hate and hold grudges. Love is the strongest tool for anything, especially in diplomacy and establishing a better lifestyle for everyone.
    We should love, and expect nothing in return. Show kindness, expecting nothing in return. Be selfless and expect nothing in return. For a life serving everyone else, in order to guide them into self actualization, is a life worth living. And the strongest tool for this is love, for love is the single strongest binding force in the history of the universe. We should love all of man, all animals, all plants, and all worlds. For seriously, what good is in loving those who only love you?

    The meaning of life
    We originally were made to be of the divine, to walk amongst the stars with the father. To inevitably become “god-like” for ourselves. Sharing in the knowledge, the love, the unity, that is the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Living like the divine, like angelic beings. Of course we’ll falter, we’ll fall, we’ll make mistakes, but from that do we grow.
    As god is our father, he is also our example: what we need to strive for, what we aspire to be. God wants us to share in his beauty, his love, his knowledge, and his divinity.
    There lies the beauty in it: that it’s only through our stumbling, that we can grow; only through growing, that we achieve our potential. We’ll lose our way, we’ll fall, but we’re meant to-for we’re learning how to walk.
    And it’s only through our faults, that our virtues are magnified. That we are at a constant equilibrium, a ying yang, because of how we balance out our flaws with intense entities of thought, love, and virtue. For only through war stems peace, only through hate can we find love, without arrogance can we not have humility. We are an imperfectly perfect species, one that makes up for our faults with our intense virtues. Which is why god has not given up on us yet, why he could never give up on us-for he is our father. We have good people left, capable of magnifying our perfection. For, again, in truth, perfection lies not in never falling but in getting up when we do.
    And just as humanities purpose is in becoming like the divine, achieving self actualization and helping others to achieve their own self actualization; individual’s purpose lies in how they approach in becoming divine-what their calling is, what they feel they are meant to do. Only they can determine this though, for it’s only their way of achieving divinity.

    Turning closer to religion
    Religion is so often misplaced in today’s society and often misinterpreted. Using religion as a means to harbor bigotry, using it as a means to do whatever they want because “their god told them the could”. So many people not living by the teachings, not spreading love and joy to all people- instead forming cliques, shunning people out; judging others, without first casting out the log in their eye; hating others, when the entire New Testament of the bible is only about loving thy neighbor. If Jesus was to come back, he would no longer recognize his own teachings from the church and those who believe in it. Yet, he would be shunned for his own teachings, and speaking out against the church.
    We need people to turn closer to religion, to turn closer to character. We need an enlightenment that transforms men into beings that are not only out for materialistic gains and their own lustful desires but out for spiritual awakenings, growth as species and as a person; where men aspire to do great things, that is greater than themselves. We need revivals, rereading of religious books, for people to believe in something bigger than themselves, to insure the prosperity and continuation of our species. For technology has progressed so far, but truthfully, have we? People need to believe in themselves, lead themselves into being better than what they are. People need to believe in something bigger than themselves, something worth striving towards. Something that could easily be achieved through becoming spiritual, through meditation, and soul searching, through turning closer to religion. Humanity can approach life at all different perspectives which would therefore enable them to progress them to the point at which technology and science has already reached.

    Part 3 The World

    “It takes a village to raise a child”
    This quote holds so much truth. For it is a combination between parents, neighbors, and teachers that ultimately make the child into whom they are destined to be. Then whose to blame when society is falling apart at its seams?
    When character is so often misplaced in society, where ambition is valued over integrity, who is to blame?
    Ultimately the faults within society fall on the shoulders of society itself-for people are so quick to ridicule societal workings, when aren’t they society themselves?
    How do we build up a society then? Molding a better people: who love one another and love the world and the animals and plants that live on it, who can eventually transcend the realms of reality to become divine. You must first start with children: you must first start with parenting and education.
    People will never want to be told how to raise their children though, for it would be nearly impossible to change parents without first changing society itself, so education stands alone.

    Standardized Tests/Online Learning
    Right now, education is focused on teaching towards the test, towards informal learning-using online classes without teacher interaction to teach their children. Does this create a strong society? No.
    Find a new way to evaluate a teacher, to evaluate students; without using only standardized tests. Be it an evaluation from other teachers, evaluations on the students, a random written/oral exam to cover the child’s understanding of the content and not just repetition of what they are told to repeat Teachers need to get back to the basics: teaching, and not only towards a test.
    And when I say teachers need to get back to the basics, I mean teachers. Not computer learning centers, not teacher assistants-actual teachers. Children need human interaction to learn, staring at a computer all day trying to learn information does nothing but create a complacent people. Who are more ready to sit, speak, repeat than to change the world at all. That sounds more like an indoctrination center more than anything.

    Paying more to Educators
    It’s a sad day in society where someone can get paid more for what should be a hobby than someone who is supposedly shaping society. A football player can make millions, an educator makes around $30000 starting out. Is that not pathetic? We need to find a way to pay more money to teachers, more grant money to schools to insure that children truly learn valuable information. More money, more effective techniques for education, and better salaries- maybe then education will be held more prominent and hopefully insure a strong society.

    Compulsory Learning/Empowering the Student
    The School system is made up of a hierarchical system. One that breaks into three branches: the smallest and the top one being that of policy and lawmakers, who control. The second and the second largest being of higher class jobs that require no philosophical or sophisticated styles of complex thinking such as Engineers, Doctors, Architects. And the third, the largest of them all, is comprised of everyone else-those of whom are destined to be controlled, manipulated, and used by the other two.
    This is also paired with how since industrialization, mankind has found itself replaceable within the job market-that any person can be replaced with another all while forgetting the skill and the mind of the one being replaced. Something that insured obedience, loyalty, that “we should be lucky to have a job”. The fact that people would get put under surveillance, punished for interaction, and gotten rid of for free thinking.
    It depletes individuality and creativity; two things needed to achieve enlightenment. Enlightenment being the sole purpose of an education. We need to do away with compulsory learning, teaching people to think for themselves. Instead of teaching kids to “sit down, and shut up”, instilling obedience at an early age; why can we not pride ourselves on creativity and on imagination? Why do we say imagination is for childish minds, and those who can brute memorize and repeat what they are told are reserved for the minds of adults? We lose imagination as we grow up, due to our society has deemed it unworthy and a trait misplaced in the work area. And imagination, creativity, is the only way to insure the prosperity of our species. For it’s the only things that create progress.
    For this, we need to find a way to teach people to think for themselves, so that they can educate and empower themselves. We need to find a way to establish creativity and imagination as two of the highest virtues in the world all whilst getting rid of the tools that are used to control the masses and insure that these virtues are lost. For if we empower our youth, our futures are insured.

    Character in education
    Really this will sound like indoctrination-for it will be trying to instill a certain style of values into people. But truthfully, it will teach people to think for themselves, to be individuals, and to overall grow into something greater than what they are. So honestly, it acts as the opposite of indoctrination.
    Children need to be taught leadership principles and character traits. They need to find ways to incorporate it into their own lives, and that will mold a strong society.
    So, we need to strengthen our English literature courses and really put more emphasis on them, for people need to read more. That way they take away themes that could potentially change their lives. We have so much emphasis on Science and Math, and our technology has progressed so far; truthfully though, have we as a species? If we teach more leadership and character, guiding everyone towards being better than what they are, and not just creating better technological advances, we could go so much farther as a species.
    So another way to emphasize character in education, is by setting aside a couple minutes a week for learning about things associated with character. Extend this through all grades: k-12. And as younger children, they learn a very shallow understanding of character-the words associated with it, how to spell the words, etc. With each grade level, they build more on to the understanding of character until eventually when they become seniors they are debating and writing about principles, how to change society, and other issues with complexity. This will establish a strong people, for with character comes leadership. Grades will significantly improve, values will change, and overall-life will forever be changed for the better, for more leaders will emerge.

    The Mass Media in America
    Is there a future for quality journalism?
    Journalism and other sources of the mass media, focuses on two different things: dividing the people within society, or about [insert celebrity here] and how atrocious they have been acting lately, or even just filler stories. We hear nothing of importance-nothing about legislation that was just recently passed, about the evils being committed by governments around the world. Propaganda, yellow journalism, bashing those who are not in line with “how we’re supposed to act”. There isn’t even a present for quality journalism, how can there be a future?
    We need to practice more freedom of speech, freedom of the press. We need individuals to write what they truly see, dig deeper into the depths of reality.
    Why did it take so long for us to hear of the practices of the NSA? Why do I get the feeling we’re only being told what those in power want us to hear?
    Why is it that Gay Marriage and abortion are hot topics on election years? Topics that completely divides the people into liberals and conservatives. Why is it that we hear more about Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMA’s in 2013 than we do about the National Defense Authorization Act passed in 2013- an act that allows our Government to establish Marshall Law at any point in time. The mass media was to stand alone, independent from government, to insure that the people become well informed and unbiased. Now it’s the other way around, government control the mass media to keep the public misinformed, lethargic, and complacent all whilst harboring a bias towards liberalism or conservatism. Again I must repeat: How can quality journalism have a future, if it doesn’t even have a present?
    Civil Liberties in America
    Founders and Framers of the Constitution insured the highest esteem in the case of Civil Liberties, so much so, that they even established an entire separate piece of the Constitution dedicated toward the preservation of liberty by limiting the will of the tyrant and the will of the few: the Bill of Rights. A document so sacred and far reaching that its effects establish the very foundations for the republican style governing body; so far reaching that it established what the governing body is and how it pertains to the individual-on how the American government is meant to treat its denizens. Then fear consumed the people: propagandized by the mass media, exploited by the very same structure that is meant to govern us- first it was Communism, then Fascism, Communism once more, and then Terrorism. Slowly but surely the people handed their rights away from fear, becoming complacent and uniform, so that the government may grant safety and security to its people. Being drunk on power, the Statists and Elitists manipulated and exploited this fear, so that the people would continue handing these liberties away. And now, America lives in a silent tyranny-being manipulated by its oppressive ruler, by a “stand still” congress who quietly passes laws to insure the complacency and will of the people be undone, and by a system that has worked against who it was designed to protect.
    On the grounds of safety, Congress, presidents, and our very lawmakers enacted legislation and programs that might help eliminate the threat of a foreign enemy but it grants us a whole new one: our own government. Repeal these new pieces of legislation, dissolve the new programs (or even just highly regulate them), grant stricter adherence to the Bill of Rights, limit the will of the tyrant more-then and only then, will Civil Liberties be protected. Then, and only then, will America be prosperous once more-for the people will fear no longer. “A people who values safety more than liberty, deserve neither” Ben Franklin. Our forefathers once fought and died on the premise of liberty, on freedom. Yet in an age where liberty and freedom are near in-existent, where we live with a silent tyrannical force, instead of fighting for this thought, the people have grown lethargic and complacent, earning them a whole new term for themselves: Sheeple. Well then let us reclaim our old glory, let us fight for a new age-an age of reason and an age where Liberty is valued higher than safety and security. An age, where our civil liberties are secured in order, for a great society is only built through a great people- a people who can speak without fear, pray without fear, who enable one another to be the best they can be. All of which, is impossible without first being free.

    Patriot Act
    There is a reason they call it “TERRORism” for terror is ultimately what it brings. It is what makes a complacent people today, for they constantly live in fear for their lives. “This movie theater can be shot up at any second”, “Oh crap, this marathon is going to explode!”. Be that a legitimate fear nowadays, it acts as no excuse to give our freedoms away. For where does terrorism end, and where does freedom fighting begin?
    Under claims of terror, we were able to invade Iraq- a country rich in oil. Is this not suspicious?
    Under claims of terror, we were able to pass legislation that hindered the American people’s inalienable rights: life, liberty, and property.
    Under claims of terror, do we become sheeple. Complacent, lethargic, beings who fear waking up the next day.
    Is this how life is suppose to be?
    This legislation consists primarily of the Patriot Act, whose wording grants so much power to the Federal Government that its hard not to get drunk on power. This wording hinders the ability for a just people to rid themselves of an unjust government.
    The Act applies to all persons of the world who acts against the United States government: whomever is suspected of terrorist-like activity can ultimately be indefinitely detained and incarcerated without seeing the light of trial. What truthfully constitutes terrorist-like activity? For speaking out against injustice in the past was once called terrorism.

    Stemming from the Patriot Act, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) allows the government to jail without trial indefinitely the American people themselves. Improvising it since it came into being, it now grants the government to hold secret arrests, police brutality, soldiers to detain American made “terrorists”. The rights of man, the Constitution, just principles; they hold no water anymore. For with this act, with the Patriot act, it’s the will of the tyrant that matters. For now he can impose anything without the fear of opposition, if someone goes against his word, (if they hold power themselves) he can bypass them and establish his own desire, or in the more common scenario (if they hold no power) he can either jail them or get rid of them altogether. Is this what Government should consist of?

    2nd Amendment
    “The right to bare arms is there for when they try to take it away.”- Thomas Jefferson
    Regulation on weaponry might sound like a beautiful idea, but who ultimately benefits? If someone has the intent to kill, they will disregard the laws anyway, so why would they follow the regulations? When they could easily find illegal weaponry on the Black Market or somewhere “under the counter”. Or even better, why limit yourself to rifles? Terrorist use suicide bombers, the Boston bombers used explosives, the Nazi’s used gas, our own government uses tyranny. If they want to kill someone, a person will find a way somehow. Again why would they follow the regulations? Truthfully, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is to have a good guy with a gun. So limiting the right to bare arms, regulating weapons. Strongly limiting the 2nd amendment ultimately only inhibits the safety of those of whom have no ill intent. So those of whom do not have the intent to kill, to bypass regulations, to harm another human being; those of whom who wish to act in accordance and within the parameters of the law simply just become sitting ducks.
    In a just government, a government who does not seek for their own power hunger and pocketbooks, a government whose power rests with the people for the people. A government who values all members of society, not just the elitist or the statist, the wealthy and the in power- regulation would not be needed. A better legal system is required, a better parenting base, and a better education system. Yet if the issue persists, set psychiatric evaluations as the regulatory means. That would limit some potential threats, those of whom are not in the right mindset to own firearms.
    Yet for now, regulating firearms with the present government we have, with laws in place that give those wielding power even more. It only inhibits those who do not wish malcontent to others. If the masses ever decided to rid themselves of an unjust government, how fair would it be if the leaders control the soldier that wields the M-16, as the justified revolter wields a simple 6-shot revolver.

    IRS and NSA as Watchdogs
    NSA capable to listen in on anything anyone says or does without their consent, with a plethora of other capabilities that are unbeknownst to the public yet, are you not skeptical? Where is the privacy?
    IRS capable to target any opponent of those who are already sitting in power, on grounds of “unpaid taxes”. What stops them from using this program to attack those who simply disagree? Is this not unconstitutional?
    Government programs were never meant to have the power to be watchdogs. They were never meant to be watchdogs, tools for the corrupt and the oppressive.
    With the IRS and NSA capable to do what they do now, with varying acts; our rights to free speech, to protest are gone. Where is the liberty?
    If they continue to exist, we need to heavily regulate what they are used for. If they discontinue existence, that would be even better.

    Civil Liberties Conclusion
    America was founded on liberty, so why do we live without now? Legislation should never have been passed that limits the freedom of the people, their ability to speak, to protest, to rid themselves of an unjust government.
    “When the Government fears its people, there is liberty; when the people fears its government, there is tyranny.”- Thomas Jefferson. If so, then we live in a day and age filled with political tyranny. The American Government was never designed as a means to gain power, to hold power, and to simply wield it over the denizens of the nation. It was designed as a public service, to establish just and free leaders.
    We need to repeal the Patriot act, the NDAA, repealing on atrocious legislation that is only used as a means to inhibit the will of the people and further that of the tyrants. We need to deregulate that of the 2nd amendment, for those with ill intent will find a way around the regulations, and as for the IRS and NSA, heavily regulate them-using them as a beneficial program designed to initiate change and organization, not as a means to control the masses even easier.

    An end to Political Corruption in America
    It is no secret that lawmakers and political parties are corrupt. Governing toward their own benefit, to their own greed. That they establish laws based off of what will affect their power and their own wealth. Why would someone create laws that rid them of their power and wealth? Why would they limit their own ruling potential? So it’s inevitable that the rule becomes towards the wealthy as to keep them wealthy and in power. The rule changing from what it was designed: “For the people, by the people” to “For the rich and powerful, by the rich and powerful”.

    Proportional Representation
    Political parties have grown in size, in power, and in hunger. A hunger, by which, can only be satisfied by the gaining of more money and power. It becomes a hunger easily satisfied when the current electoral system America has favors solely two parties. Two parties, by which divide themselves based off of liberalism and conservatism. Their power is secured for ultimately it creates an oligarchy, an oligopoly- where mainly only two sides rule and allow no other perspectives to come in and clean this up. The plurality electoral system, the winner-take all system, whatever you want to call it. It favors the two strongest parties, especially considering the fact that the Democrats and the Republicans can generate the most revenue and have become household names, of course they get elected in the plurality system. What makes it worse is the fact that if a third party candidate were to arise and gain support, due to the current system it has become nearly impossible, they would just take away further votes from the candidate they would consider themselves closer to. Inevitably, we become torn between the lesser of the two evils-though often times the same type of legislation still gets passed. That, or such a lack of bipartisanship is established and creates a stand-still congress. Why must we constantly “pick our poison?”
    We need more perspectives in Congress, that will insure less of an oligarchy for more perspectives will be heard. Not only that, but we will no longer be divided between solely two ideologies, but a variety. Bipartisanship will be made, for with more perspectives people will change their own thought process and therefore would become more tolerant. A more tolerant in thinking Congress will insure the will of the people be done. And all this can be established by Proportional Representation, or an electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them, and by doing away with the electoral college.

    Term Limits
    Politics was meant as a civil service, not as a career choice; even George Washington needed a break. As the way it is, Elitists, Statists, Machinists, War Mongers, and corrupt officials can stay in the same political office for a lifetime. Men should not spend a lifetime within these offices. Therefore term limits has got to be a must. Allowing for people to either move up the political ladder, going to a different position; or to take a break from the seat. A set number of consecutive terms a person can be in a certain political office. This is what is needed to establish a more civil service and less of a ruling for one’s own power.
    Make this extend to all realms of office, Senators, Governors, Congressman, Supreme Court Justices, everything. For all can become guilty of greed and looking out for their own self interest. With more terms served, comes more power in government. Limit the amount of terms someone is allowed to have, you thereby limit someone’s power.

    When did it become acceptable for leaders to be bought off? For politicians to be able to be “swayed” to vote a certain way, to lead a certain way? Does that not allow for greed and temptation to control the political arena? The fact that businesses and wealthy citizens can buy the interests of a politician. The only thing that will get done is the transaction itself nothing else.
    We could have solved many of the problems that the world faces today, had lobbying been in existent. For now, we solely look out for the interests of businesses and the elite. People who thrive off of the present societal norm. Why would they have a need to change anything? How can mankind progress as a species, if we continuously hold our self back?
    Without politicians being able to be bought off, without businesses and the wealthy (of whom thrive off of what’s already happening) controlling the way leaders govern, progress is imminent. Leaders should not be able to be bought off. Take away the money in politics and there is less of lure for greedy men.

    Campaign Finance
    To gain any spot in the political arena, one must first have money. Without money, there is no such thing as political efficacy for you. It costs money to run campaigns, it costs money to be in office; obviously, the rich will have a greater chance at being in politics then.
    Set a cap at how much someone can spend in terms of campaigning, set the amount of ad space someone can have; and it all boils down to: “Who is the better candidate?”, “Who is organized in their presentation?”, or even “he did well in the debates, let’s vote for him!”
    Side note: Debates should actually be debating-bantering back and forth, not a time for them to spew off whatever they feel like saying.

    Ending Political Corruption Conclusion
    If we were to limit the amount of power someone can get when in office, limit the amount of money they can make from outside entities, and insure equality in terms of campaign running- civil service becomes for those who want to lead and not for those who want to govern towards their own power-hunger and their own pocketbooks. It becomes what it was designed to be, serving the country.

    Fueling Crisis
    The easiest way to get rid of our fueling crisis, is by getting rid of lobbying in Congress. For with big Oilmen paying off politicians to vote for the use of their fuel, our reliance on oil and other fossil fuels have become prominent. Without lobbying, we can actually turn to renewable fuels and start relying on them.
    Once we get rid of lobbying, what we could do, is this:
    Set aside land and areas to where Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, and Hydroelectric Dam’s can be held in mass. For these types of energy have worked for many other countries, why can’t it work for ours?
    Also, with the advances in technology, we are getting closer to genetically modifying E Coli to be able to consume nuclear waste. We need to push more for this, granting more money to this research to insure that these advances in biotechnology help with our fuel crisis. With such heightened advances in the nuclear field during the Cold War, that seems like a very plausible solution. So why can we not turn to that? Using our advances in Nuclear Experimentation to our advantage in the energy field? John F Kennedy had it right in his inaugural address: “The tools for war, have far surpassed the tools for peace”. So why not use our tools for war, as means for peaceful change? As a means for renewable fuel that does not destroy our environment and will eventually end our world through raising temperatures.

    Water Crisis
    With such a large amount of population in the world, we cannot keep providing water for all its denizens. And slowly, but surely, are we losing drinkable and usable water.
    What we need to establish more canals and lakes, man made bodies of water that connect to larger bodies of water. Using nature to filter out the salt from the bigger bodies to insure that drinkable and usable fresh water fills up the man made areas. Filtering out the salt by make the liquid pass through series of dams and curves so that the nutrients go into the soil rather than stay within the water. Not only that, but the water cycle will take its course and will filter out the salt for itself.
    Another thing needed, is that there needs to be more of an emphasis on preserving wetlands-these are natures defenses against flooding as well as they establish more fresh water within the areas they are held. Also, we need to conserve more freshwater by instead of using flood-irrigation methods: where too much water is given to crops; we should convert to drip-irrigation: where just enough to keep the crops alive is provided.
    If that doesn’t work, establish pieces of land comprised of the same technology that is within life boats that helps to let the survivors get fresh water, by establishing ways to get ocean water to filter out the salt so that it thereby becomes fresh water. Then, and only then, would we be able to use sea water to rid ourselves of our water crisis.
    Old Economics
    There are but only a few systems of economics: one where the government owns everything, where everyone holds the same amount of power and wealth, equality is held-though there is no incentive to work harder or advance, an economy that is sure to fail for this fact especially due to human nature’s need to fuel their own narcissism and superiority complex (our need to be better than someone else, our need to hold power over others). The second being where everything is privately owned, the market is based on businesses and there is no government intervention-this lends to a hierarchical system, three socioeconomic classes. Typically most of the wealth is held in the top socioeconomic class, and with wealth comes power. And as years progress, the classes become more distinct, the top class becoming wealthier and the lower becoming poorer; the middle class buffer zone that can relate to the poor but walk amongst the rich is sure to collapse in this system because of the poor distribution of wealth. Even though these two systems range between extreme to a more mixed and mild version of the two, and even though the mixed is practiced amongst many of the countries of the world; they both are sure to fail in the long run. One goes against human nature and one plays too far into it. One forgets the greed of men, the other uses it to it’s advantage. Inevitably they are both systematically flawed. Why do we use them then?

    Progressive Tax
    Our income tax system is well designed, and it is effective in gaining the Federal Government enough income to distribute across the board to better equate the huge inequality withheld between the lower class and the upper class. With the more money someone makes, the more they pay in taxes.

    Government Assistance
    If I were to be getting a monthly paycheck for doing nothing, I would take it and use it for as long as I can. That’s the mindset people have grown into these days, they devalue hard work and have tried finding the easy way out in almost any aspect. So it’s no wonder why Government Assistance has been getting abused, people being able to live off of primarily that alone. This, along with many of the programs we have created as safety nets to insure the security of those in need, creates a huge deficit. For people use it as long as possible when it was originally meant to be short term for those who desperately need it.
    To reform the welfare system, all it would take is to limit the amount of time someone can be on it. Limit it to a year or two, enough time to where someone can find a stable job, and then check back to see if they still need the assistance. If so, and they have a job, give them less and gradually wean them off of the assistance, that way they can sustain themselves in the long run. If they need the assistance, but they have yet to find a stable job-then they’re not truthfully looking, tough luck. For those of whom still live under the poverty threshold, some assistance is fine-making it a lifestyle choice though, that is amoral and wrong. Work to earn an honest living, don’t just abuse a system that was designed to help others.

    Social Security
    There is not enough money getting paid into Social Security to sustain it. With the “Baby Boomer” generation reaching the age to claim Social Security, with not enough workers in the field paying into the system, the system is sure to collapse. Reformation is a must if we are to keep the dying system, for the idea behind the program is strong- that it was designed for those with elder age to be able to retire from the work field. The fact that there will be no money left in it in a few years makes it poorly designed.
    As it stands, the only foreseeable solution is to raise the age of retirement and lower the amount issued by Social Security- less people will be retiring and more money would be able to be dispersed overtime. Of course people will throw a fit at first, but eventually they will adapt to the change and they will find a way to live within their means.
    Or even further, follow something similar to what George Bush proposed in the early 2000’s: the privatizing of retirement funds-where the people pay into their retirement funds alone (without the need for social security but they still are unable to access the money until they reach the age for retirement), as well as, a portion of this money is invested into stocks for later use. Congress shot this idea down because they thought the American People weren’t smart enough to deal with the stock market alone-but with a little help, this would be a useful practice.
    Other than that as the solution, the only other option (I can see at least), is to do away with Social Security altogether and then start anew. Designing a program where there is more reliance on family and less on a government paycheck. Continue giving a little assistance to the family, as a means for them to adapt to the change in number of people living within their household.
    Or even what could be done, mix a retirement fund in with the life insurance plans. Charge extra a month to be put away into this retirement fund, then they can live comfortably when they reach the age of retirement, all while being in charge of their own funds for said retirement. No more government reliance on funds in this area.

    Spending and Cuts
    In a strictly hypothetical situation:
    A child is given $10 in allowance every week, deciding how to spend his money: he decides to put $6 of it into buying new toys, $2 of it goes into buying candy, and $4 of it goes to buying treats and toys for his dog. He overspent his $10 so now he must borrow the remaining $2 from one of his siblings. Every week, he keeps up his overspending habits; every week he owes his sibling $2 more. The child continuously spends more than he can afford, so his parents get involved. They tell him over and over again that he is not allowed to spend the way he has been, they give him a certain limit that he can spend and that he cannot go over the limit, claiming that he shouldn’t owe his sibling any more money. Instead of actually sticking with the limit, he habitually spends more money than he has again because he’s grown accustomed to the amount he has been spending- especially since it is things he has coaxed himself into thinking he needed in an abundance of. His parents get mad at him, instead of punishing him though, they say “what is a couple more dollars to the total amount that he owes his sibling?” So instead of teaching him how to end his overspending habits, hopefully to the point he can rid himself of the debt he owes his sibling, the child’s parents allow him to continue to a path he is on: one of bad credit, plenty of debt, and terrible spending habits. Instead of balancing his budget by teaching the child how to cut spending, his parents simply allow him to spend more and raise the amount of debt he is allowed to owe his sibling. What is wrong with this situation?
    Economy 101: Don’t spend more than you earn, that’s bad economic practices at its finest. The Government spends far more than it generates in revenue and, with inflation, the amount of expenditures just continue to grow. Because of this spending and going over the amount of revenue it takes in, a federal deficit was established, putting America far in debt.
    We need to take in more than we spend, it’s that simple. Yet it’s easier said than done. Congress and those in power need to take a hard look at the programs that have been consuming tax dollars and cut those of which are unnecessarily being granted billions of billions of dollars. We have so much money in defense spending, we could start by cutting there. Find new and more effective ways to accommodate for this change. But there needs to be an end to spending more than you make.
    A more effective way to do this is by doing something Mark Levin stated in his book The Liberty Amendments: Propose new legislation that accounts for all of the following-
    Congress adopts a new fiscal budget by May (Long before the fiscal year ends)
    If Congress fails in making creating a new budget- spending, across the board, are automatically cut 5% of what the previous years budget was.
    Total outlays of the US Government will not exceed receipts for that fiscal year.
    Total Outlays for the US Government will not exceed 17.5 percent of the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the previous calendar year.
    Total Outlays will include all outlays of the US government but will not include the repayment debt principle.
    Legislation that accounts for a more balanced federal budget, that accounts for the stopping and repaying of the debt that is already accumulated, and ways for us to stop the downward spiral that is occuring fiscally within the US. Due to our lack of control whilst spending, the US is headed towards financial collapse.
    The idea of Interest is somewhat irrational, illogical. And as Mike Montagne points out in his Mathematically Perfected Economy:
    “inclined at the time to believe we had simple, finite issues which could be solved readily, for to solve inherent multiplication of debt and its ramifications a) we only have to eradicate interest.
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